31 October, 2009

Next Opening: NOVEMBER 7, 2009

New Faces in Contmeporary Self-Portraiture.

Dean Dempsey, Richard Castaneda, & Susan Wu group show.

We are now 4months deep in presenting exciting new art to our local masses. October might have been a bit bawdy and erotic, but November will prove to be introspective and cerebral. We present three artists implicating themselves in work concerning issues of identity and personal experience.
Dean Dempsey re-scripts reality, seeking to alter the encounter with himself and place, His multiple characters play out a dialogue of awkwardness. Caught in the moment, Dempsey situates himself at every possible intersection of a scene, a willing participant to an altered reality.
Richard Bluecloud Castaneda pulls from a large lexicon of imagery regarding Native Americans in an effort to reclaim history and identity. Richard uses photography as a method of introspection in order to bring present the stereotypes casts on "indians" by the American west and re-assimilating himself as the bearer of these greivances. He aims to recontextualize and reappropriate the image of the "noble savage" which hinder real identity and self-determination of his peoples.
Susan Wu reassembles her past and reimagines her present. In her self-portrait drawings, she assembles objects she collects; wether from magazine clippings or found photographs, and depicts the metaphors sorrounding her American life, her ethnicity, her morals, experiences with love, and mistakes that add to her personal narratives.

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