04 December, 2009

The Winter of Our great-Content

Saturday Dec. 05, 2009 @ 7pm till 11pm.
Like some other-wordly planetary alignment, Jordan Bogash and Erlin Geffrard have met in a parallel reality to bring you Jungle Fever. Both Bogash and Geffrard pull ideas from their youth and redirect them into a landscape of pop culture derangement and merriment. Working with quickly recognizable logos like the Nike swoosh and the McDonald's M, the duo use symbolism to draw the viewer into their world of fun and madness. Jungle Fever will be the debut of their much-anticipated ‘Last Supper’, a collaborative painting between both artists that is sure to knock socks off. Through their collaborative efforts, Bogash and Geffrard have immersed themselves in a dialogue of childhood angst and the wonderment of youth.

Opening night festivities include a raffle, giving YOU a chance to take home an awesome piece of paraphernalia. DJ Mark Aubert will be here. Complimentary beverages will be served. See you Saturday night!

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