10 December, 2009

the work Itself

The Last Supper, 2009. Erlin Geffrard and Jordan Bogash.

The Journey, 2009. Jordan Bogash
Nigga I Said Give Me Your Jordans, 2009.
You Could Have Atleast Said Freeze Before You Shot Me, 2009.
Damn These Chicks Love Texting, 2009.
Erlin Geffrard

You Rock My Socks, 2009. Erlin Geffrard

Oh Hey, Basketball II, 2009.
Wolf Tits: Diamond Vision, 2009.
Jordan Bogash

north wall

Unicorns Cry To the Sky, 2009. Jordan Bogash.

The Universe, 2009. Erlin Geffrard.

Pooh Hat, 2009.
Steaks in the Grass, 2009.
Jordan Bogash

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